Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Store Concepts

Love the way the nytimes described the All Saints concept (read the entire story here dated 2010)

The Romance of Jack the Ripper

SOME girls will buy a cheap leather jacket and run it through the Maytag, or take a Brillo to a pristine pair of combat boots, roughing them up for that “I’ve seen action at Glastonbury” feel. Those girls are apt to be found haunting AllSaints Spitalfields, the British retail chain and purveyor of a romantically pre-aged look — all dun-colored bustle skirts, fatigued leather satchels and battered canvas boots that conjure a sepia-tone universe straight out of the gaslight era.

AMBIENCE Dour by design. Steampunkers and latter-day Goths will feel properly at home in this time travelers’ universe.
SERVICE Sales assistants dress to impress, darting about in hobble skirts, multi-chain chokers and combat boots, dispensing wisdom as they go. Skip the sand-tone boots and go for the cream — “they’ll extend your legs,” one was heard to advise.
THE GOODS Westwood redux, all hourglass shapes, elaborate cowls and mutton sleeves.

All Saints Store Michigan Avenue, Chicago

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